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Harrowing refugee camps, the indefinite waiting process, agonizing boredom, uncertainty, heartaches and trauma of war, compounded by lack of independence and the constant reliance on aid. Hope is easy to fade but without it, it is impossible to survive. 


PEACE IN EXILE offers psychosocial support by activating female refugees and teaching self-empowerment through creative expression.

Throughout the workshops, the young women are taught the basics associated to creating storytelling images and videos - from learning about unique artists, establishing own concepts, creating vision boards, renewing second-hand clothing, practicing makeup, to final execution - either starring in their own idea or acting as stylists or makeup artists.

''All of us women refugees have hidden fears and unresolved situations; escaping from our homes to survive and save our lives we face a lot of hardships on the way. 

It's just a project, just a game, so I went deep into my dreams and emotions to make my fantasies become reality. 

I felt safe, like I can do whatever I want. I realised how beautiful and creative I can be.''

We are writing a book! Get in touch to find out more!


ANRIKE PIEL is an Estonian born multidisciplinary artist whose work addresses migration, inequality, and war, confronting the human experience while embracing resilience and femininity. She is the practitioner at The Center for Syrian Studies and social justice activist based in London, and Estonia. 

Peace in Exile was founded in 2017 and has since been facilitated in slums of Lebanon, refugee camp in Greece, and in Estonia. 

In the refugee camps the project has been funded through crowdfunding. 

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